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    SanDisk iXpand make file transfers convenient

    A year-long through a hundred college events that flaunted their food specials but wait they always had the tints of unhygienic and unoriginal stale taste. Yet, more than that was my disability to click more pictures as I won’t agree to delete the previous. And while hundreds of other solutions were processing in the background, I bought myself the SanDisk iXpand mini Flash Drive.

    probably, just use a Google Drive?

    No, I mean.. I do save a back up on Google Drive but it is of compressed resolution.. and when I wish to post it, I would have to download it again and then upload it on some social media that would undergo it’s automated file compression algorithms. I prefer to keep a backup of my pictures in its original resolution.

    Why didn’t I transfer my pictures to a PC?

    I have an iPhone and as legends say or rather show, it’s a pain in the ass. It just doesn’t work properly. And it’s not just pictures! My song playlist and yes, my own hummingbird-like recorded Bollywood song audios, daily mischief videos, read-as-you-go travel time ebooks, app cache and what-not is stored in them. For iPhone users, there is a different tab for transferring each of the files. Simply put, accessing the file management system is frustrating.

    Switch to android?

    I could. But, my phone would become vulnerable to a lot of viruses, it’s durability would decrease and things would be messy sooner or later for no reason which I do not plan to concentrate on near future.

    Okay. Then, what’s really in the…

    SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive?

    This device eliminates the need for iTunes to serve as an intermediate in transferring files. The file system management has become convenient since I have started using my SanDisk iXpand Mini Flash Drive with 128GB storage. It is portable and definitely, my time saver!

    SanDisk iXpand mini Flash Drive

    SanDisk iXpand mini Flash Drive


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    SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive
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