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  • 5 reasons novices shall not attend tech conferences

    We all come across people pursuing us to start attending tech conferences as soon as possible even if we don’t know much of tech or coding and are clueless about the industry itself. There are things that would happen if we do not go to tech conferences early. Here are 5 reasons why novices shall not attend tech conferences, that is, in beginning of your journey.

    1. Stay uninformed

    … about tech opportunities and jobs that exist for longer or until you attend your first conference.

    At conferences, there are tech enthusiasts attending from all over the world with varied expertise. Everyone works on a totally different technology or those with similar work are using different tech stack. Not going to tech conferences will keep these facts hidden.

    Who wants to know an open secret?

    2. Networking tends to zero

    You are working on a project and need to seek assistance or probably you just came across a new technology which you want to know about in depth, but wait who wants to seek assistance in the first place? We would rather sit there putting our brain trying to figure that out, right?

    Wait.. I just mentioned projects..

    3. Remain stranger to 90% of the available avenues out there waiting to grab.

    How did you actually decide you want to work on this project? Did you pick it up in interest or for the sake of doing one?

    Out of the 100, say, avenues existing in tech industry, you have known 10, say, from your current local network of geeks doing decently well in tech. While getting to know these 10 avenues shall help you identify whether your interest really lies in them; keeping your horizon lowered down would ensure you never get introduced to the rest 90+ avenues you might be interested indeed.

    … and who knows that your interest is in a recently emerging field?

    4. Jealousy is what you got in your pocket

    Forget receiving laptop stickers, cool conference Tees and much more in merchandise. Deep dive in with jealousy while your tech friends flaunt their new proud possessions.

    Didn’t I mention the celebs?

    Oh.. meeting certain people is just left a dream if you don’t make it to conferences. From amazing professors from Universities to tech geeks writing jaw-dropping code to you…tubers.

    [By the way, Siraj Raval is the keynote at PyData Delhi Conference 2017.. Student tickets sold out within 15 hours of announcement. Didn’t buy? Too bad. I did. :P]

    5. Dilemma.. Dilemma.. Dilemma about Dilemma

    “Where should I start? What should I do next? Is my skill set enough for grabbing work? Is it the right path to take?”

    While the list to such questions continues to 1000+ points and your redundancy to ask these same questions exponentially increases as well, meet-ups and conferences shall actually help. Okay, clearing out.. the people there aren’t to explicitly tell each and every thing you have ignored [that is, known but not cared to follow]. Do not expect spoon feeding.

    But, yes you will be surely helped initially in every possible manner. Great souls come there. Yet, they would like to see you actually do something over the time. This place is not to act foolish for years to come, but to collaboratively learn, teach and hence share your knowledge.

    For one and for all!

    PS Don’t want to attend still, because too far or takes weekends or …. other excuses? No problem. If this doesn’t convince you, nothing else would. Priorities are different. Just do what you love, but do it right.

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