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    Joomla! event: Are you doing Enough?

    All gracious thanks to our ALiAS member Shivam Rajput whose selection in Joomla as a GSoC intern led us to this day. I am talking about the day of August 25, 2017 when we got to interact with a Joomla! contributor. ASET ALiAS, the open source technical club of Computer Science and Engineering Department along with the CRC at Amity University, Noida organised this industry talk on Joomla & Google Summer of Code.

    Shivam Rajput, ALiAS member and Joomla GSoC intern

    Shivam Rajput, ALiAS member and Joomla GSoC intern

    Introducing our Joomla! speaker

    The talk was delivered by Mr Puneet Kala. Before you get introduced to him, I must tell that he is amongst the best speakers I have ever heard. He is a confident, playful at heart person who is conscious of what is going on and yeah, knows what he is telling others. He wasn’t here to brag his knowledge but he definitely was here to help us all out find the right path. A true open source contributor indeed! So here are some of his recent professional milestones. 😀

    Mr Puneet Kala has been associated with Google Summer of Code for over 4 years now. He is a GSoC admin 2016-17, started with selection as a GSoC student in 2013 and has been a GSoC mentor since 2014. One among Joomla!’s core contributor and volunteer for more than 5 years, he currently leads the GSoC team for Joomla. He is also a member for Joomla’s automation working since 2013. This software Engineer from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Technology has more than 4.5 years of Industry experience. He worked in Oracle as a Senior Software Engineer. Currently, he is a Global Automation Leader for redWEB Aps.

    Mr Puneet Kala, speaker and Joomla contributor

    Mr Puneet Kala, speaker and Joomla contributor

    The thought upon the title of the talk

    A lot of thought was applied to come up with an apt topic for the event. Finally, it was decided that the event must discuss the less known industry trends and break myths regarding the industrial selection process of individuals. The contribution to Joomla and GSoC, in general, were already finalised as the topics to be covered. Hence, we put forward the title “Are you doing enough?”.


    With everything planned on time, we witnessed a request from the Joomla society for a live stream of the event; after the event became official on Joomla’s Twitter and Facebook handles. And I must say, it was something I wished somewhere deep in my heart as well! The event was streamed live by Amity University as well as by ALiAS. There were 10k+ views to the live stream within a few hours.

    The lessons harnessed

    The free open source event witnessed 160+ attendees present to unveil opportunities like ‘Google Summer of Code’. The speaker shared insights on industry trends and what your CV must have to get you your dream job. He also shared his experience at Joomla and how one can be a part of it as well. The attendees got to know about the various job designations available for pursual. We also discussed how one shall walk their way to their dream position after BTech.

    …. and attendees!

    Our speaker also made sure to discuss all the dilemma in a student’s mind and hence witnessed answers to among the top asked questions. Mr Puneet Kala helped our attendee Sahil find direction to how to find his field of interest to pursue in the presence of tons of fields available out there to work in, such as Big Data, Machine Learning, etc. and a huge number of programming languages to write a program in. Ashutosh, our attendee seemed more interested in opportunities related to hardware. Hence, he wanted to know how to get jobs in more hardware focused companies like Intel. We also realised the presence of attendees who have not yet found coding interesting enough to work on and still desire to work better and more efficient. Professions like MDes are great for exploration for pursual for those!

    Me rationalizing the details grasped

    Me rationalizing the details grasped 😛

    It isn’t Open Source if there isn’t anything collective

    Finally, we all collectively realised a pattern to everything we have ever wanted to know. And it was none other than the thirst of curiosity that makes us explore. We have to explore anything and everything, and critically analyze our desires and greater infatuation for the work we do. According to Mr Puneet, we must do research work, take up self-initiated as well as group projects. We should also interact with the people of industry and intern as a research student or in industry.

    We need to find an answer for ourselves. Which work are we interested to take up? For which technology are we dedicated enough? Then is when we will realise our actual field of interest. Mr Puneet Kala has helped the ALiAS members make this journey of exploration a success. He has helped the CSE students know if they have actually been doing enough!

    ALiAS community posing with Mr Puneet Kala

    ALiAS community posing with Mr Puneet Kala

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